Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Windsor, NY: Eggbert is back!

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it is time to start gearing up for the holidays (because I definitely haven't been listening to Christmas music in my car for the past month). I love watching the lights and decorations go up; I love the smells and the sounds and the colors - everything.

Growing up, the arrival of the Christmas season was signaled by Mom taking us to see Eggbert, the talking egg. Yes, this is the weird crap upstaters get into.

Eggbert was so much better than Santa. There were all kinds of holiday displays, real live farm animals, and it didn't involve any creepy old man lap sitting.

Eggbert was created by Jack Devitt from a plexiglass egg supplied by Cornell University and attracted nearly 80,000 people to the store each year. (see: Times Herald Record). Devitt's was eventually bought by Agway, suffered from a few fires (one of which everyone thought got Eggbert), and then closed.

Well...there are new owners at Devitt's and after a few years of appearances at New Windsor tree lightings, Eggbert is back at Devitt's.

Mr. D. and I headed over to Devitt's this weekend to welcome back this much missed symbol of Christmases past. $2/head got us in (they cap at $10/family) and we spent the following two hours mostly waiting in line (protip: go before 1pm), looking at their holiday exhibits, and checking out the animals.

See? Everyone loves Eggbert. That's the final line - from the second greenhouse to Eggbert. Make sure you give yourself enough time, dress for the weather, and keep the kids occupied.

So glad he's back. I hope the new Devitt's owners will continue to see even more traffic (they estimated 4,000 people visited on Friday and Saturday) and will bring him back again and again. Eggbert will be "awake" for visitors through December 18th on Saturdays from 10-5 and Sundays 11-4. Check their facebook page for additional Friday times and information.

Next up will be a trip to Apple Blossom Lane in Albany. What does your Christmas in New York tradition look like?

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